Black Olives Tapenade

Can’t argue with the raves! John’s Black Olive Tapenade is a favorite. Easy and quick and you can simplify your life even more by making it the day before.

Tapenade With Black Olives Ingredients:

red-dot 1 can black pitted olives (370ml or 12 oz), finely chopped

red-dot ¼ cup balsamic vinegar

red-dot 3 cloves garlic firmly chopped and mashed with fork

red-dot 4-5 T olive oil

red-dot 5 T Parmesan cheese, finely chopped

red-dot ½ medium dried chili de arbol, finely chopped


Mix all ingredients and let sit uncovered for a few hours. Correct seasoning if necessary. (The hotter the better in Mexico!) Serve with garlic and olive oil toasted bread and crackers. Or cover and refrigerate overnight and enjoy the next day.